What is the FujaraHead?

  • Do you like DIY stuff?
  • Do you like to get the instrument and just play?
  • Do you play live concerts ?
  • Are you a professional musician?
  • Or you just want to learn to play or try this stuff in a cheap way?
  • Are you interested in music-therapy?
  • Good instrument for breath exercises

Our so-called Fujarahead is a variation of traditional large overtone shepherd’s flute called Fujara. This wind instrument is mainly made out of wood, black elder typically. Is easy to play as the tones are controlled by the power of players’ breath and by three finger holes.

To overcome some issues that come with this large wood instrument (like the purchase price, maintenance of wood, loss of sound on wood instruments that is not played frequently or maintained…) Fujaras can be made out of various plastic tubing. We wanted to push this concept a little further and we came up with a 3D printed fipple piece that you put on a PVC tube of the right dimension and just play.

We did a lot of R&D to chase the ultimate design of key components. And now we can offer it to the world. We – Me Dárius Kuraś a 3D printing enthusiast and my Father – Zenon Kuraś a genuine maker of crafted Flutes & Fujraras.


All parts are 3d printed in cooperation with our partners at 3DMD Printing Nitra whose experience with technology began in 2014


Parts are printed out of PETG made by our partner Filability - a 3d printing filament MADE-IN-SLOVAKIA

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            PLACING AN ORDER

            You need to send us quote first the we will reach upon you and and arrange order, payment method and shipping etc.


            We ship all over the globe!
            Slovakia is € 5,- for all products.
            Neighbouring EU countries and Germany € 15,-
            Eu Countries like France, Netherlands € 20,-
            Overseas Australia included € 30-50,-
            Other will be specified at the order!

            About Us

            From heart attack to fujara and on to fujarahead

            I wouldn’t normally get to the idea of ​​a fujarahead at all. Not my father Zenon, who …

            “After the heart attack, I found myself in a left-wing hospital in the intensive care unit. The next bed was occupied by an old man, it was a fateful encounter. We were pretty good at where we were. And so we became friends over time. I immediately noticed that he had a strangely decorated wooden object next to the bed.

            Only then did I learn that it was a fujara – a bass flute, a shepherd’s musical instrument – the Slovak queen of flutes.

            Almost every conversation turned to fujara. In fact, I was glad that he also revealed the secrets of the construction of the instrument. The old man probably had no idea that he was gaining his follower. I realized that in the next six months I would have time off, what about so much time? Another thing that occurred to me was the memory of the World Cup and the wuwuzela that sounded in the stadiums. At that time, there was talk of hockey championships to be organized in Slovakia.

            So the idea came to get the fujara to the stadiums. And so the search, the reading, the cognition began. Really, first I had to get acquainted with the original wooden fujara. In addition, I got to know other flutes, shepherd’s instruments of other nations. And when fate brought us closer to 3D printing, my son Darius and I developed a fujaread.

            It was not easy, we printed a lot of failures. The goal was clear sound. We had to adjust the first pieces a lot to reach the goal. In the end, it worked. Although I did not manage to get Fujaru to the stadiums, I gained a love of fujara and became an avid creator of this instrument and many others. And also fujarahead. “


            For all of you interested in more traditional instruments like beautiful hand crafted Fujaras and other shepherd flutes like Koncovka or Kaval, I recommend getting in touch with Flutemaker – Zenon Kuraś.

            By his Facebook page

            or directly through the contact formular

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